In its most recent version update, the Meta-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, has launched three significant features for iOS users that have already been experienced by Android users. These updates include the ability to transfer chats to a new iPhone, take video calls in landscape mode, and a dedicated option to silence unknown callers. Each of these features offers more flexibility and control to WhatsApp users, bolstering the app’s appeal and usability.

WhatsApp’s Innovative Features: A Closer Look

1. Chat Transfer Feature

Firstly, the latest WhatsApp for iOS version 23.14.79 update introduces an efficient chat transfer feature. This feature enables users to migrate their chat history to another iPhone without the need for an iCloud backup. You can easily access this feature by toggling the “Transfer Chats to iPhone” from the Chat Settings menu when you switch to a new iPhone. However, it is essential to note that this update does not enable cross-platform transfer of chats. Instead, the chat transfer occurs via a QR code generated on the new device that needs to be scanned from your old device.

2. Silence Unknown Callers Feature

Next, the update brings an added layer of privacy with the Silence Unknown Callers feature. Located under the Privacy menu, this feature’s main function is to automatically filter out potential spam calls, scams and calls from unknown contacts. Activating this feature means that these calls won’t interrupt you with ringing notifications; instead, they will be logged in your call log. You can review them later, just in case any of them turn out to be from someone important.

3. Landscape Mode for Video Calls

Finally, the update incorporates a landscape mode for video calls, enhancing the overall video call experience. This wider and more expansive view of the video call interface allows calling participants to view more people on the screen simultaneously. This feature is particularly handy during work calls or group calls with a large number of participants.

Other Notable Enhancements

Apart from these major updates, WhatsApp has also launched a redesigned sticker tray with improved navigation and a larger set of stickers, including more Avatars. Moreover, the ability to initiate group calls with up to 15 people is being tested on the iOS beta, enhancing the application’s group call capabilities that already support up to 32 participants.

In terms of video sharing, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a feature allowing users to send high-quality videos. While minor compression is still applied to maintain manageable file sizes, this feature provides a notable improvement in video-sharing quality. However, users need to manually select the high-quality option each time they want to send a video of better quality.

Not stopping at iOS, WhatsApp has also announced its first smartwatch app available on Wear OS. This application allows users to start new conversations, reply to messages, and take calls directly from their wrists, expanding WhatsApp’s utility to wearable devices. This builds momentum for the Wear OS ecosystem and the forthcoming Samsung ‘Galaxy Unpacked event.

Availability of the Update

These new WhatsApp features have begun rolling out to iOS users and should be available to all soon. Users can check for the update in the App Store and start enjoying these features once the update is installed.

As WhatsApp continues to roll out these exciting features and enhancements, the platform keeps strengthening its position as a versatile messaging platform that meets its users’ diverse communication needs.

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