WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform primarily developed for smartphones, has been gradually expanding its horizons. Its availability on macOS, and now on iPadOS, stands testament to its adaptability. Here’s what we have learned from various sources:

  • The latest version of WhatsApp’s TestFlight app,, indicates an impending rollout for the iPad. This new version provides an experience similar to the iOS app but optimized for the larger display of the iPad. This enables users to view both their chat list and the current conversation side by side.
  • The interface uses a QR code to link the account to the iPad, which means that users can access their account on multiple devices without any hassle.
  • Surprisingly, even after the company’s chief, Will Cathcart voiced his inclination towards this development in early 2022, it took some time for this to materialize.

Features & Compatibility

  • The WABetaInfo report highlights that the iPad version of WhatsApp Beta will be compatible with iPadOS. This is a significant upgrade from the time when users had to rely on the web version due to the lack of compatibility between the iPhone version and iPadOS.
  • The application’s functionality on the iPad mirrors the new macOS version. After scanning a QR code, all the conversations get downloaded onto the iPad, allowing seamless messaging across iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
  • The iPad app is designed to operate independently. Thus, there’s no need for the iPhone to be in close proximity or connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Notably, this iPad app is a companion app, implying that users cannot initiate a new WhatsApp account from it. However, it aids in accessing messages from the primary phone, making it a convenient addition.

Meta and iPad: A Rocky Relationship?

Historically, Meta (formerly Facebook) has displayed reluctance in developing dedicated apps for the iPad. Examples include Instagram and Threads which lack an iPad-specific app. Additionally, the Facebook app for the iPad is often criticized for being a mere magnified version of the iPhone app. The only Meta app that seems to have embraced the iPad well is Messenger. Given this background, WhatsApp’s move to the iPad marks a strategic shift. As WhatsApp gains prominence in Meta’s social ecosystem and with the push for business integrations, it’s only logical to cater to the iPad user base.

Recent Enhancements and Future Aspirations

  • WhatsApp has recently undergone numerous upgrades. Improvements include enhanced group calling on the Mac app, support for HD photos and videos, and the introduction of Channels for users globally.
  • An important aspect of these upgrades focuses on facilitating account access across various devices and optimizing user experience.
  • With Meta’s ongoing efforts to make WhatsApp a cross-platform messaging service compliant with EU regulations, diversifying its availability becomes crucial.
  • WhatsApp’s expansion plans aren’t just limited to device compatibility. The larger vision seems to be the transformation of WhatsApp into a private social network. This initiative aims to deepen connections among users and amplify engagement with content that resonates with them.

Release and Availability

Despite the enthusiasm around the beta version, the actual release date for the public remains a mystery. Access to the beta version via TestFlight is restricted, with very limited slots. Drawing a parallel from the Mac version, which took almost a year from beta to public release, one can only hope for a sooner launch for the iPad.


In an era where multi-device compatibility is not just preferred but expected, WhatsApp’s expansion to the iPad is a timely move. With over 2 billion users globally, tapping into the iPad user base can further consolidate its position as a leading messaging platform. The latest developments, as observed from beta testing, highlight WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience and meeting market demands. iPad users have long awaited this move, and with the beta version already in circulation, the public version might just be around the corner, opening up a myriad of possibilities for its user base.

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